Seal & Stripe, Inc. - Bettendorf, IA

Seal and Stripe, Inc. was established in 1979. Specializing in total asphalt maintenance, Seal and Stripe, Inc. is the place to call for patching, crack filling, asphalt sealing, and asphalt striping. We complete projects for residential, commercial, industrial, and institutional customers who have existing asphalt areas.

We use a water-based coal tar emulsion asphalt sealer that is earth-friendly and does not cause ozone pollution. We use 100% coal tar sealer, while others only use partial, if any, coal tar in their sealer. Coal tar emulsion sealer is the best on the market, and it is proven that it lasts longer than asphalt or petroleum made sealer. Coal tar emulsion sealer has ultraviolet stabilizers that resist fading in the sun and stay blacker longer. It also resists damage from spilled gasoline, oil, and brake and transmission fluids that can rapidly eat away at asphalt.

At Seal & Stripe, Inc., we help you maintain your asphalt so that you can maintain your budget. Call for a free estimate today at (563)355-7916.


"Without protection, your pavement investment is money down the drain."