Tri-City Blacktop handles all aspects of paving projects including: planning the job, referencing grades, ordering inspections, "proof rolling" the site, completing the grading, manufacturing the product, compacting and striping. The company's highly skilled and experienced paving team plan and handle all project details which prevent frustrating, miscommunication and wasted worker hours. In addition, Tri-City Blacktop measures the proposed job and utilizes the latest technology for fast and accurate estimates including all costs incurred to complete projects correctly the first time with no underbidding or post construction extras. The overall efficiency and attention to detail saves customer dollars and has helped build the company's extensive list of repeat customers.


  • Asphalt paving
  • Asphalt patching
  • Seal coat pavement
  • Crack-fill pavement
  • Chip seal coat


  • Earth moving and shaping
  • Milling asphalt/concrete
  • Site preparation
  • Aggregate base construction


  • Recycle crushing
  • Recycle concrete
  • Recycle Asphalt
  • Cold patch material
  • UPM material


Asphalt Paving

Tri-City Blacktop division began in 1969. With decades of experience, our asphalt crew take great pride in the quality and expertise provided on each project we are part of. We have the equipment to complete any job, residential driveway to large commercial parking lot. This, along with our high-tech production plants and superior mixes, make Tri-City Blacktop a leader in the asphalt and paving industry. Asphalt roads are the smoothest, easiest riding roads out there. This, combined with the speed and minimal costs of production and laydown, make asphalt the most economical choice. Not to mention, the asphalt are 100% recyclable and have the lowest maintenance cost. The benefits of asphalt include: 100% recyclable, durable, fast to construct, safe, smooth and versatile. 

Your paving is an important element of your setting. Not only does it make your area accessible, it is a critical aspect of the impression your setting leaves on visitors. Trust our team to create paving that is safe, appealing and durable for lasting performance.

High quality asphalt paving is smooth and even for a comfortable, safe ride. Our team has won awards for crafting incredibly smooth paved areas, aided by pads created from concrete we mill ourselves. 

Create durable asphalt paving for:

  • Parking lot paving
  • Driveway paving
  • Road paving
  • Highway paving
  • County and state road paving
  • Track paving
  • Tennis court paving
  • Dust control 

Bituminous Surface Treatments

Tri-City Blacktop Inc. fabricate bituminous surface treatments on various pavement surfaces. Tri-City Blacktop Inc. serves local municipalities by providing a service that extends the life of the road at an affordable price. Tri-City Blacktop Inc. also provides oil and chip services to residential driveways.

Our crew has the experience to make sure each job is completed correctly and efficiently. Chip seal coating has many uses like dust control agent, protecting the pavement from UV ray oxidation, filling and sealing cracks in the pavement to smooth out gravel surfaces.

Chip seal is one of the least expensive and most effective ways to protect the investment made on an asphalt pavement and/or turn gravel streets into a dust free street while cutting maintenance costs. 


Asphalt Milling

Tri-City Blacktop milling operation began in 2010 with the purchase of our first milling machine. We are capable of milling the smallest driveway to a large parking lot. Tri-City milling division is proud to serve the bi-state area. We pride ourselves on our dependability and availability!

Milling is the process of grinding up asphalt so that it can be recycled, thus reducing the need for virgin aggregates and asphalt binder. This can reduce the environmental impact by up to 30% on a given project.

At the core of the quality of any asphalt paving or repair project is the quality of the materials that are used. To ensure we provide only the best results for you project, we mill our own materials. This gives us complete control over the composition of the materials so we can ensure fantastic results. 

Using materials that come from a third-party company not only puts in the position of having to trust them to produce quality materials, but also forces us to pay more for them. 


Recycling Concrete and Asphalt Materials

We believe in making as little a footprint in the environment as possible. Tri-City Blacktop has 2 recycle yards, one in Bettendorf, Iowa and the other is located in Rock Island, Illinois. We accept clean concrete rubble with or without rebar and steel. In addition, we will take in asphalt rubble and millings. We crush the concrete and asphalt and sell this product at both of our recycle yards. Some of our product is Department of Transportation certified!

Concrete Recycling

Concrete is not a material that should just be used and then thrown away. This material doesn't break down in landfills, adding to the pollution problem. Fortunately, it is also recyclable, meaning it can be processed and used again for further projects.

If you have used concrete, bring it to us so it can be milled and used again. This reduces the demand for new materials, helping protect the environment even more. You can drop off your concrete to us free of charge so we can mill it and reuse it. Using projects we mill ourselves not only lets us do something good for the environment, but helps you save money by eliminating a third party company for your materials. 

Asphalt Recycling

Just because your asphalt is no longer giving you the performance you need, or has outlived its usefulness to you, doesn't mean that it can't continue to serve a purpose. Asphalt is a recyclable material and can be used many times without losing its durability or performance. If you have used asphalt, don't just throw it away. Bring it to us so we can process it and use it again.

Even after being demolished, asphalt can be recycled and used in new paving projects. Our on-site asphalt processing plant makes it fast and easy to recycle your used asphalt. Let our experienced professional staff evaluate your project and give you the options to make your project the most cost effective.

Benefits of Recycling Asphalt:

  • Recycling asphalt keeps this material out of landfills
  • Using recycled asphalt reduces the need for new materials, helping protect the environment
  • Recycled asphalt saves money


Q: Does Tri-City Blacktop take used asphalt and concrete? Is there a cost?

A: Yes we do! We believe in making as little a footprint in the environment as possible. We have two full-size state of the art recycling centers to get the most out of what is already excavated. There are no costs for you to drop off the used asphalt and concrete, as long as the product is free of colored brick, rebar and dirt.

Q: Does Tri-City Blacktop only perform asphalting services for large business' and corporations?

A: No, we complete projects for residential as well as commercial, industrial and institutional customers.

Q: What area do you provide services to?

A: We provide services within a radius of approximately 30 miles in the Quad Cities area. We have completed jobs in Mercer, Rock Island and Henry Counties in Illinois and Scott Counties in Iowa.